Telluride, CO

This is a beautiful town that never lets us down!! In 2021, we went to the Jazz Festival. What an incredible experience! We made new friends, drank (careful drinking at this altitude), walked, slept, and enjoyed pastry deliciousness. We stayed at the Victorian Inn. super cute place! It was within walking distance to the festival.Continue reading “Telluride, CO”

Camping Packing List

It’s the time of year that we enjoy the great outdoors. Camping is one of our favorite adventures. Here is our camping packing list. I typically add/remove/change the list. Sometimes our kids go, or we take ATV’s or we are focusing on some fun target practice. FOOD Adult beverages Bread Breakfast sausage Cheese Cheese (Sandwich)Continue reading “Camping Packing List”

The Tinkle Traveler

Ladies!!! I need your attention for a minute. We were at a fabulous dinner the other night and of course I went to the bathroom. It seems, everywhere we go, I have to check out the bathroom. Jokingly Big Will said I should write a book of my bathroom travels. What a splendid idea! WeContinue reading “The Tinkle Traveler”

Packing Lists

Isn’t it awful when you arrive at a destination and forget something important. Bathing suit, toothbrush, toothpaste, those super cute shoes that match the fabulous dress you brought. We have a solution to that problem! Over the years, I have worked to create these lists. As our travels change, I either create a new listContinue reading “Packing Lists”