Telluride, CO

This is a beautiful town that never lets us down!! In 2021, we went to the Jazz Festival. What an incredible experience! We made new friends, drank (careful drinking at this altitude), walked, slept, and enjoyed pastry deliciousness.

We stayed at the Victorian Inn. super cute place! It was within walking distance to the festival. We parked the car and walked everywhere the whole weekend. The room was good. No elevators….. I know that is rather divaish of me 🤣

We had dinner at The New Sheraton Hotel. It was delicious, the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming and the bathrooms were great!

This year we will be staying at The Sheraton Hotel. It’s going to be magical!!

Here are a few of the picts from 2021. Cannot wait to go back! #Telluridejazzfestival

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