Alaska Cruise

Wow! What a trip. This is on a lot of peoples bucket list, it was on ours. We have been to AK before, but not a cruise.

We booked on Norwegian. We spent many evenings researching where we wanted to go. Because we decided on a Thursday that we wanted to go the following week, our off ship adventures were limited. We decided to wing it and see what happens!

The morning we were scheduled to leave, we woke up to a blown tire on the car. The truck was at the dealership being serviced. We figured we would give it a shot at driving to the airport. We made it!

We flew into Seattle. They had a shuttle that we took to the ship. Directions to the busses was easy and we didn’t have any challenges.

We arrived at the ship. This is where the fun starts. they days leading up to leaving, We had to upload all sorts of documents. This is understandable as we went to Canada. We also had to have a Covid test 2 days before. This negative result also had to be uploaded. We figured that since we uploaded all this before, boarding would be easy (as the Disney cruise was). Nope! The staff was friendly! This made it much nicer than it could have been. We went from line to line showing documents. What a process! 🙄

We FINALLY boarded the ship. Of course….. straight to deck 16 for the buffet 🍔🌭🌯 The staff brought our luggage to the room. This is always so nice to not have to carry luggage around.

We drove go carts on top of the ship!! No pictures as we were focused on nesting each other and the other drivers. As usual, Lil T was asked if she was big enough to reach the pedals 🤪 for the record, I was tall enough.

Always bring our coffee cups ☕️

We loved the adult only spa!!

Took dance class 🤣
Loved the glaciers!!
Some fun signs we saw

This was an amazing trip! Cannot say enough about the staff, ship, locals and of course our time together ❤️

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