The Tinkle Traveler

Ladies!!! I need your attention for a minute.

We were at a fabulous dinner the other night and of course I went to the bathroom. It seems, everywhere we go, I have to check out the bathroom. Jokingly Big Will said I should write a book of my bathroom travels.

What a splendid idea! We all have our standards about bathrooms. What we like or don’t like. What makes sense? Or we ask “What were they thinking when they designed this?!” We have traveled all over and I always have to tinkle. I am hydrated, what can I say?

I am thinking of creating a scale to rate different aspects of bathrooms. What are some things that you notice when you use bathrooms? Mirrors, lighting, the stalls, toilets too tall/small, toilet paper (is it soft enough, single or double ply)….. just a few thoughts.

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