Little T loves loves loves Mexican food!! I could eat nachos and margaritas every day forever. Well, we need to add baked potatoes in every once in a while, too.

This restaurant was absolutely wonderful!

The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. There always seems to be a wait, but when you find a place that is fabulous, its worth it!

Service was fabulous! The waitress was friendly, remembered our order perfectly. When my side of sour cream didn’t come out with the meal, she went and grabbed it before I could say anything.

Big Will ordered a drink and didn’t care for it. He is always willing to try something new. Our waitress quickly provided him recommendations and delivered a different drink to our table.

They make this delicious cabbage “cocktail” of deliciousness that they give you with your chips and salsa. It is SO good! I could lick the dish, but that isn’t appropriate.

We were so focused on food, we didn’t take any pictures.. Whoops!


This gets 2 thumbs up!! We will go back here for sure!

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