La Quinta Inn – Glenwood Springs, CO

March 2021

I called to see about checking in early as we were driving for about 4 hours. Initial feeling from that phone call wasn’t warm and welcoming. In their defense, they state on the email confirmation check in is at 3:00. I understand completely.

Parking was easy when we went to check in. Sometimes there can be a backup of cars/people at check in time. But, they have it laid out so there is movement through the area. Walking inside my first thought: What a lovely place! It looks to be newly renovated. The fire was going which was very welcoming. Unfortunately, due to covid, the chairs were put up so we couldn’t enjoy the entry way in its full capacity.

The staff at the front desk were busy with all of us checking in. They were friendly and helpful. Taking time with each party checking in. They were helpful with directions on where everything was located.

The ladies in the breakfast area were absolutely wonderful! I cannot say enough about how awesome they were!! The coffee was great also. WAY better than Holiday Inn hotel brand coffee, and we all know how important coffee is.

The location is great! We were able to walk next door to a diecious restaurant. Walked to dinner across the river/highway to The Pullman. It is a good location to reach the hot springs, downtown and many other adventures.  

I am not sure what is happening here in the sink…. But uhm GROSS!!

The shower didn’t drain properly. Ended up with water pooled up pretty early in the showering process.

We had some issues with the toilet not flushing. Maintenance had to be called a few times, but everything “worked out”. Haha! This is a MUST in every bathroom.

Swirl Travelers gives this location one thumbs up!

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