2021 Goals

As we start the new year, we are focused on the goals we have. We are always setting goals, small, large, short term and long term. We feel this is important for all of us to have goals in life.

  • Germany to visit friends
  • More skiing! Crested Butte, Vail, Beaver Creek…. We love them all! Maybe we will venture out in April to Telluride! Skiing is such an adventure! The “Got the Rover stuck in the snow” blog is coming forth.
  • Dog sledding.. how fun will that be!? It is something neither of us have ever done.
  • North Dakota family reunion. I think with the way the world is now and has been for the last year, we need to cherish family even more.
  • Yellowstone for the Bison rut. After our adventure in South Dakota with the Bison, they are my favorite!
  • As I am typing this, Big Will sent me a link to a VRBO site in Key Largo. I love his spontaneity! It’s our anniversary month too. Romantic get away with one of our kids in tow. HA HA
  • Have an article published in a magazine. We were perusing Travel and Leisure magazine and found an article that discussed traveling as a black couple. Chubby Diaries, article “On the road again”, published in January 2021. Granted, we are a mixed couple, but the concept can be applied.
  • Have a custom logo created. How exciting is that!? Our own logo… makes my stomach flip over with excitement
  • Complete past Blogs. I am way behind!
  • Look at starting a podcast… because, why not!?
  • P.S. Avoid Porsche in Denver, they are not Swirl Traveler friendly. Porsche in Colorado Springs was Fabulous!!!

As usual, we will discuss the good, fabulous, wonderful and the bad in our blogs. We will let you know our personal experiences and thoughts about our travels.

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