Get to know us!

We are a mixed couple enjoying life! Big Will comes from the East coast and Little T comes from the West coast. We met and fell in love in the middle, beautiful Colorado. Our kids are mostly out of the house, only 1 left at home. So, we love to travel and experience what the world has to offer. We both work full time, but our careers allow us flexibility to travel as we want. Sometimes its weekend get aways, or staycations. Other times, it a cruise around the world or a trip across country in our RV. We have traveled in many different formats. Our plan is to have you travel “with us” virtually that is. One of the challenges we face, that may not impact others, is we are mixed. As much as we want to believe that the world isn’t prejudice, we have had experiences with it. I would love to say we haven’t, but we have. We want to share the positive and the negatives we experience on our journeys.

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